Tranquil oasis for relaxation, BBQ and garden brainstorm.

Beautiful and ancient garden with big old trees provides shade in summer, leafs in autumn and plenty of oxygen. If you feel like like you need need to chill a bit, or a grill zucchini, you always can.

Hedgehog is living here!

The garden is full of nature and provide sancutary for a lovely hedgehog. He wakes up after sunset, wander and sniffs around.

You can find there...

Relaxation Space

Give yourself a break from your daily routine and relax at our rooftop surrounded with nature.

Garden Brainstorm

Release your creativity and spend quality time in the garden to generate mind-blowing ideas for your projects.

BBQ Area

Use our exclusive BBQ area to invite your friends to your summer parties!

Casa gives you all you need for limitless creative workflow